Citygarden - part 1

The one thing I miss with living in the city is that I don't own a garden. I grew up with a big flower and vegetable garden at my parents and with grandparents who live all year around from their own vegetables and fruit. So although I grew up with love for green I didn't like that we ate salad all summer, every day.  But living in the city and being dependend of the food that grocery stores are selling kinda makes me think about everything. Especially when you see some apples in the store that are so shiny they almost look like plastic.

Last year I started my first experiment with growing vegies on a tiny tiny flat roof, 1 foot square to be exact. With as a result many tomatoes and different kinds of salads. This year I want to take it a small step further and share with you my proces. I want to show how I start growing my own food to proof that it is possible to build/plant a small garden in the middle of the city, to avoid toxic pesticides, eat healthier, with more taste and ofcourse for the pleasure of it.

Oh and please, be free to start a conversation about it here. I would love to hear your thought about this and  what you are growing.

In pictures: Many sprouts I sowed last month, tiny tomatoes which were souvenirs from our trip to Berlin, basil, I used selfmade and recycled pots for sowing, my tiny tiny rooftop which hopefully turn into a green paradise.

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The lucky plant- lovers are: Judith, anonymous / Telma, Sylv and nina m. Congratulations, I will send you soon an email with all the information.
To all of you who participated, thank you very much. I wish I could swap something with all of you but since I'm making this a yearly tradition you will have a second chance next year.

The plant swap. part 2

The plant swap is back! Now that Spring has arrived and the sun is shining, it tickles again to swap some plants with you. Just like a year ago, I will swap plants with 4 for of you. Have a look at some swaps from last year.

We will play it a little different this time so I can give everybody a chance to join. You'll send me some plant seeds to sow, maybe cuttings or something othe plant-related. I send you other seeds, cuttings or something similar in return after I received yours. It will be a surprise and it will be fun!

4 persons can join, leave a comment in the comment section with a valid email so I can contact you and we can swap addresses. I will draw 4 names next Monday (13/04/2015) and will anounce you plant-lovers who will join.

Swap is closed!

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Work in progress.

I've been knitting a lot in the studio. Testing out and knitting many many samples. It's a long and (sometimes) frustrating job with lot's of unraveling and starting over. Winding up yarn, knitting, washing, sewing, testing, unraveling, repeat. Over and over again. Taking tiny steps each time and getting closer to a real knitwear collection.

Not in pictures: preparing my square foot garden and sowing seeds / visiting the flowermarket each Sunday / enjoying the first signs of spring.

Looking forward to taking a small break and spending a week at my parents.

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Still a little bit speechless by this exhibition, but in a good way. (For the faint of hart, these art pieces are made out of wax and wood)

Not in pictures:
• Looking forward to listen to many great bands at this place.
• Thinking about traveling and Summer.
• Almost finnished with the renovations of our bedroom.
• Buying flowers and pretend it is already Spring.

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